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Create Your Own Holiday Party That Doesn’t Suck

Tired of the tacky sweater holiday party? Been to so many toy drives you want to murder Santa Claus? Well then friends, it is time for you to create a holiday party that doesn’t suck. On the Fur Bus preferably, as we literally own the business. I swear.

We started the Fur Bus 15 years ago by accident. Why? Because we like to Party.

We have thrown about a billion theme parties over the years so if there is anything we are good at, it’s partying. And sleeping. And napping. And wearing costumes. And sleeping some more.

So, here are my ideas for you and your gaggle of friends this holiday season:

1) Throw your holiday party in January. There is no competition and there is NOTHING to do in January anyway. You can still dress up as 18 Santas and a Darth Vader and hit some sketchy bars.

2) Don’t do it at your house because your friends hate your house.

3) Rent a Fur Bus and get 20 people to dress up as reindeer and bar hop until you end up in Jail.

4) Rent a Fur Bus and have a tacky pants party where everyone has to wear the same exact plain shirt but crazy pants.

5) Rent a Fur Bus and do a Buford Highway Bar Crawl. There are some wonderfully seedy latino nightclubs and bars along that jewel of a road. Added plus if you take gifts everywhere you go.

6) Put together a holiday scavenger hunt using the Fur Bus where the objects are famous drinks at famous bars in Atlanta.

7) Christmas Eve Bar Crawl

8) Want to feel better about yourself? Grab 20 friends and get them all to gather up some blankets or toys and take a Fur Bus and deliver them to random impoverished areas in Atlanta.

9) Rent a Fur Bus for your kids so they leave you alone for 6 straight hours.

10) Go on a cruise and forget about the holidays.

Well, there you go. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and never hesitate to give us a call/email if you need help. Or if you just need therapy. We are uncertified therapists but will give you advice on just about anything regardless.

Trey Humphreys

Founder / President / Facebooker

Email me any question on earth