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The Fur Bus Family 2017-09-26T04:25:04+00:00

Meet the Fur Bus family!

We can’t wait to meet you!


1) Trey was a professional mascot for 12 years
2) Trey had a degree in Zoology from Auburn University
3) Trey was attacked by a chimpanzee in Zambia one time


1) Allyson loves asking questions
2) Allyson thinks Justin Bieber is her soul mate
3) Allyson is a pro at making delicious soups


1) Stacy is a certified redneck
2) Stacy had a mullet in high school
3) Stacy never sleeps


1) Ginger also runs the school bus department
2) Ginger loves rocky road ice cream
3) Ginger won several dance contests in college

Tony & April

1) Tony is an Air Force Veteran
2) April is a singer songwriter that tours with a soul band
3) Tony and April are married with three amazing kids


1) Henry loves reading nonfiction books
2) Henry’s favorite ice cream is strawberry
3) Henry has driven coast to coast over 20 times

This could be you!

1) This could be you!
2) Want to join the fur bus family?
3) Email us at