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Music Midtown or Tomorrowworld?

I love coffee.

Are you a festival person? Are you going to one of the last two major festivals in Atlanta this weekend or next? If so, which one?

This weekend is Music Midtown which is a 2 day beast down at Piedmont Park.  Think four stages, 9000 food trucks loaded with fried everything and and a diverse collection of bands. Between you and me,  I am not too impressed with the line up this year.   They have Sam Smith and Van Halen going head to head as the headliners on Saturday night.  Nothing really caps off a massive festival like the soothing tunes and golden tear drops of Sam Smith.  Bring kleenex, more kleenex, your therapist, candles and a bathtub. Leave the ear plugs at home.

Then there is Van Halen.  Yes, they kicked ass in 1984. I know this.  I was 29 years old. That is when David Lee Roth wore tights and could do a full split jump.


Times have changed.  David Lee Roth scares meth now and looks like he hasn’t sleep, or ate food, in 12 years.


Is Eddie Van Halen even still alive? Perhaps.

The following weekend is Tomorrowworld.  Here you will find me with all my peers that fall into my age group “ish”.


Tomorrow world has 10 stages loaded with every DJ on the planet and resides on a farm about 45 minutes from the Airport. The festival starts around noon on Thursday and ends Sunday night.  That is some aggressive festivalling for the young folks.

This EDM festival attracts around 150k people from around the world and is one of the very few EDM festivals that is 21 and up. Thank God.  This means you don’t have to dance next to a 11 year old freebasing on the newest asian drug combined with acid and sugarless chewing gum.

The production alone is insane.  The main stage is around four football fields wide. Mind you it only holds ONE DJ.  Amazing.  One little dude (or chick) and a few CDJs playing 12 preloaded songs the DJ brings with him (or her) on a jump drive.  Hey kids, learn how to DJ.


Enjoy the next two weekends if you are attending one of these festivals.  They are a blast and you are never too old to attend. Believe me.  I am old. Getting old sucks.